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What’s Happening On the Lawn

Do You know how to identify poson ivy?

Before heading into the woods for a summer hike or before clearing out that wooded area do your research on poison ivy.    CLICK HERE  for more information.

Summer Heat Came Earlier this year!

With the earlier summer heat that came lawns are becoming dry. Area’s you will first see that lush green lawn turning brown will be area’s where the soil may contain sand which results in the turf drying up.  Click the HERE to see the latest article from Michigan State about this earlier heat.

What lies beneath: Ice?

I found this article very interesting.  It explains how the current winter weather we have been receiving is impacting the turf.  Click here to read the article.

Is mulching the leaves good for the turf?

Yes, if done properly mulching your leaves can provide nutrients to your turf.  Click here to read a article from the Michigan State University Extension explaining this.