Watch for Grubs!

With the warmer weather we have had in the last few weeks we have still seen grub activity.  Clink here to read the latest article from Michigan State University about the latest grub activity.  If you think you have grubs give us a call and we can check it out for you.  Lets take care of them now!

September Seeding Tips!

Click here to get some fall seeding tips!

What is all this rain doing to my turf?

Click here to read the latest article from Michigan State University on what all this rain is doing to the turf this year.

Do You know how to identify poson ivy?

Before heading into the woods for a summer hike or before clearing out that wooded area do your research on poison ivy.    CLICK HERE  for more information.

Summer Heat Came Earlier this year!

With the earlier summer heat that came lawns are becoming dry. Area’s you will first see that lush green lawn turning brown will be area’s where the soil may contain sand which results in the turf drying up.  Click the HERE to see the latest article from Michigan State about this earlier heat.

What lies beneath: Ice?

I found this article very interesting.  It explains how the current winter weather we have been receiving is impacting the turf.  Click here to read the article.

Is mulching the leaves good for the turf?

Yes, if done properly mulching your leaves can provide nutrients to your turf.  Click here to read a article from the Michigan State University Extension explaining this.

Summer Stress Causing Early Fall Color

With the 2012 drought we experienced and the lack of rain fall this season we now are seeing the stress it put on our trees and shrubs.  You may be noticing some early fall color and early leaf drop this past week.  Which is a sign that the plant is under some stress.  As the plant begins to take in moisture and nutrients this fall to prepare for winter you may want to consider a fall deep root fertilizer injection.  This service will provide your trees and shrubs a balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to maintain a strong, healthy, and vigorous root development going into winter.  We are currently taking 20% off all fall deep root services!  Call the office today.  Click here for a  link to a recent  Michigan State University alert for more info.

Labor Day fertilization and rust on turf

Has your white tennis shoes turned color after walking thru your lawn?  If so, you have some rust in the lawn.  CLICK HERE to read some more info on this lawn disease.

Moisture stress and lack of nutrients contribute to maple color issues

Are you seeing your maple trees turn color early this year?  The lack of moisture we had this summer and last summer is a major factor in why this is happening.  CLICK HERE to read more on this.