Core Aeration

Aeration is the removal of small 1”-3” cores of soil to allow air, moisture, and fertilizer down to the root zone of the grass plant. This process also helps control thatch that may build up in your lawn. The result of an aeration will create a healthier and a thicker root system.

This service is completed either in the spring or fall when the turf is moist enough to pull out the core. One or two aerations each year is recommended depending on the soil type of the lawn. For lawns with a heavy clay content this service is a must have. It will also help thicken up the lawn and discourage thatch build up.

Core Aeration can also help retain the natural rain water and any manual watering done by allowing the water to soak into the soil and not run off the top.

Our specially designed aeration equipment consists of hollow coring tines that are rolled over the lawn and at the same time they puncture into the soil at a systematic pattern removing the small core or plugs as we call them. This equipment is designed to maneuver in tight spots as well as fit thru gates to access your backyard.