Fertilization and Weed Control

(1) Early Spring Service
A granular application of slow release fertilizer to provide a quick green up of the turf and also provide root development.

(2) Late Spring Service
A Combination of granular or liquid fertilizer applied with a liquid broadleaf weed control over the entire lawn. Also a must have pre-emergent for crabgrass control will be applied.

(3) Early Summer Service
Spot weed control will be applied to those annoying weeds that are hanging around. A granular slow release fertilizer will be applied to aide in keeping the turf green and the roots growing deeper into the soil to thicken up the lawn.

(4) Late Summer Service
Slow release fertilizer will be applied with spot weed control and post emergent crabgrass control as needed.

(5) Fall Service
The most important visit before the winter months arrive. A liquid broadleaf application will be applied over the entire lawn that will rid the lawn of any weeds that are left and also help prevent any spring dandelions from popping up. Fertilizer will be applied to promote root development for the turf to encourage a healthy spring green up.

(6) Late Fall Service (Winterizer Treatment)
A slow release fertilizer will be applied to the lawn to promote an early spring green up. This service is applied when the turf is entering its dormant stage.