Grub Control

Spring or Fall Grub Control: Your spring or fall grub control will target any active feeding grubs in the turf that are feeding on the root system. This application is applied in May-June or Sept.-Oct. and must be watered in to activate it. By pulling back the turf and looking in the root zone of the grass plant is an easy way to check for grubs. Grubs will be a worm like insect that is white in color.

Summer Grub Control: The summer grub control is the most important and should be done yearly to prevent a grub infestation. This service will target the eggs that the Japanese beetle can lay in your lawn that will hatch to the grub and feed on your lawn into the fall season. Grubs can be invisible to the human eye until they have eaten all the roots of the grass plant showing a stressed out lawn in the fall or spring. This application must be watered into the soil to activate, and done in Late June-July.

Signs of the need for a grub control application

1. Pulled back turf caused by small animals like raccoons or skunks that are looking for grubs to eat.
2. When pulling on the grass in a upward motion the turf is removed easily with no root zone left
3. Flocks of Japanese beetles feeding on your trees or shrubs