Watering Tips

  • As soil becomes dry, daily watering of 1/4″ is suggested or 1 1/2″ weekly. The best time to water is during the highest temperature period of the day, which is generally early afternoon. The moisture received during this high stress time will create a cooling effect for the grass plants.
  • Measuring of your watering source can be done with a rain gauge, coffee can or a tuna can. By measuring the depth of water applied, you will be able to adjust the timing up or down to get the exact amount of moisture needed.
  • Be sure your irrigation system or sprinkler is covering the lawn area uniformly.
  • Different soil types may require different water management practices. Please consult your irrigation contractor or contact Lawn Tech for additional consultation.
  • During dry periods if moisture is not received in 30 days, a watering of the lawn is recommended to ensure that the grass plant survives. Once natural rainfalls occur combined with cooler temperatures your lawn will naturally come out of dormancy from heat and drought stress.