Mole Baiting

Moles are insectivores not rodents. They will consume grubs and insects, but get the vast majority of their dietary needs from earthworms. Moles have an incredibly high metabolism. This means they have an insatiable appetite and are always on the lookout for food. In fact, they consume 80%-100% of their body weight every day. Moles create and use tunnel systems as the means to find food. Up to 100’ a day-causing extensive lawn and landscape damage. The life span of a mole is approximately two to three years.

Our mole baiting service uses a moles natural food source and works as an antagonist to a mole’s high energy demands. Moles typically die in their tunnels where they naturally decompose.

The mole baiting process is a 3 step baiting service that will help alleviate your mole population.

Step One: Preliminary evaluation-mark mole runs

Step Two: Baiting application

Step Three: Follow up evaluation-confirm bait consumption

This per occurrence service can be completed at time of peak mole activity for best results. Mole baiting is a per occurrence application which means we can only target moles currently living in your yard. It will not prevent future mole activity.