Lawn Tech offers granular, liquid, organic and environmentally friendly fertilizer applications depending on the nutrient needs of the lawn site, and program type.

Weed Control:
Lawn Tech will apply spot and blanket applications of weed control to control grassy and broadleaf weeds throughout the season.

Aerating and Seeding:
Aeration is the removal of small cores of soil to allow air, moisture, and fertilizer down to the root zone. This service creates a healthy root zone, thicker, and more beautiful lawn. Overseeding at this time is a great compliment as well.

Mole Baiting:
A three step process where we bait inside the mole run to alleviate your mole population. This service targets moles currently living in your yard.

Fungus/Insect Control:
Our technicians can diagnosis and treat your lawn problems from red thread to grub activity.

Fall Clean Ups:
Our fall clean up service will remove all leaves from your lawn and landscape beds.

Tree & Shrub Care:
Through proper fertilization and preventative insect and fungus controls, Lawn Tech can keep your trees and shrubs healthy and looking great.

Landscape Bed Weed Control:
The treatment of unwanted weeds and foreign grasses in your landscape beds, driveway, parking lot areas, fence lines, and other areas.

Perimeter Pest Control:
A barrier of granular or liquid product around your house to prevent spiders, ants, centipedes, and beetles to name a few from invading your home.