LawnTech is Proud to Serve the City of Lansing

Living in or around the state’s capital, residents of Lansing want their lawns to look prestigious and held in high esteem. LawnTech understands the importance of a beautiful yard. With over three decades of experience, we can provide the results you are looking for.

6-Step Lawn Care Plan for Lansing Homeowners

Our 6 visit lawn care plan creates the perfect combination of a healthy, successful, green yard, starting with the grass blade all the way to the roots. Starting early in the spring and running through late fall, our appropriately time applications include:

  • Slow-release granular fertilizer for optimal root growth
  • om liquid fertilizer
  • Pre-emergent to stop the spread of crabgrass
  • Post-emergent weed control to stop weeds in their tracks
  • Deep root growth to help increase weed resistance
  • Liquid weed control to combat broadleaf weeds
  • Spot weed control

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Give Live Back to Your Lawn With Aeration
At LawnTech, we understand that lawns require additional upkeep to stay healthy and lush year-round. That’s why we offer several other lawn care services, including lawn aeration. Simple wear and tear can take a physical toll on your lawn, causing an increase in thatch build-up and compacted soil. Thatch is an extra layer of debris that develops between the vegetation and your soil bed. Both thatch and compacted soil prevent sunlight, oxygen, and nutrients from filtering through.

Our highly effective lawn aeration service helps break up thatch while decompressing soil. Having lawn aeration performed annually gives life back to your Lansing lawn, allowing essential nutrients, water, sunlight, and oxygen to permeate the roots.

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For Optimal Results, Follow Aeration With LawnTech’s Seeding

For the best results, follow lawn aerations services with LawnTechs seeding service. We will fill in bare spots and uneven areas with the appropriate turf seeds needed for your Lansing lawn, giving it a healthy, thick look year-round.

Stop Mosquitoes From Ruining Your Fun in Lansing

Don’t allow pesky mosquitoes to ruin your outdoor fun. These bothersome insects are frequent mood killers. They can also carry harmful diseases for both you and your pets. Get LawnTechs effective mosquito control service. Starting around Memorial Day, we visit four times throughout the season, utilizing a mosquito-eliminating spray that will ensure your property in Lansing remains mosquito-free.

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