LawnTech Proudly Services Okemos and the Surrounding Area

Specialists in lawn care since 1971, LawnTech is proud to serve the Okemos community and surrounding areas. Our lawn care services are delivered with the highest quality treatments and are backed by our first-class customer service.

Comprehensive 6-Step Lawn Care Plan for Okemos Lawns

To achieve the best outcome for your Okemos lawn, we recommend starting with our 6 step lawn care plan. With six steps offered from early spring through late fall, our comprehensive program will keep your lawn healthy and disease-resistant year-round using the following methods:

  • Slow-release granular fertilizer to encourage root growth
  • A custom liquid fertilizer
  • Pre-emergent to prevent crabgrass from germinating
  • Post-emergent weed control that targets weeds and puts them in their place
  • Deep root growth for better nutrient absorption
  • Liquid weed control to combat broadleaf weeds
  • Spot weed control

Ensure a healthy, weed and disease-free lawn today and request a free quote!

Exceptional Lawn Aeration Services in Okemos

Lawn care doesn’t stop with fertilizer and weed control. Throughout the year, climate stressors from our cold Michigan winters and hot, humid summers can take a toll on our Okemos lawns. Vehicles, lawnmowers, and foot traffic can create compacted soil, causing it to be too dense to allow sunlight, water, and nutrients to filter through. When this occurs, you need the professional lawn aeration services LawnTech provides.

Our superior lawn aeration service allows your soil to breathe again, distributing, those much-needed nutrients, sunlight, water, and oxygen down to your roots. Often overlooked because they are underground, roots are the most important part of your lawn, acting as the anchor of your turf. They need these elements to remain strong and healthy and provide support. We recommend having aeration performed once a year. Doing so offers tremendous advantages, a few of which include:

  • A reduction in soil compaction
  • A breakdown of thatch
  • Improved air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere
  • Better resistance to heat and drought stress
  • An overall healthier, fuller lawn

For a Newly Revived Healthy Lawn, Don’t Forget the Seeding

For the most successful results, we recommend that LawnTech’s seeding services be performed directly after aeration. Seeding your yard with new and fresh seeds will help fill in the holes made from aeration as well as any bare, patchy spots left behind. So go ahead, and schedule your aeration and seeding services for a newly revived, healthy lawn today.

Put an End to Mosquitoes With LawnTech’s Mosquito Control Service

Don’t allow mosquitoes to ruin an otherwise perfect yard. End them with LawnTech’s mosquito control service. These irritating insects are bothersome and can carry harmful diseases. Our highly effective mosquito control starts around Memorial Day and runs throughout summer to ensure your property remains mosquito-free.

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